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It is time...

Good morning, all.

I hope everyone is well rested and has a pleasant day! For meditational purposes and to clear my head, I've decided to greet the day with some writing. Writing for me has always been a mental release; it helps me gain focus, and in a way, it helped me release the clutter that's formed in my head over the years and release the negativity into something good.

A release!

So here I am, sitting in my little corner, of my gorgeous Victorian desk, about to write to my heart's content. Though, I don't know what I'll write today. I never do. I feel the motivation and listen to the hum in my heart that tells me which story needs more focus on.


I may sit here for hours, listening to an audiobook, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and wait for inspiration to strike. Or it may even happen straight away. I never know about this kind of thing. Though what I do know is writing has always helped me get out of dark times, I know that I need it now more than ever. I'm going to do my best. That's all any of us can do; it is our best. It takes time. I know that.

Whichever story wants to come out first! Only time will tell I guess.

It could be a happy story, painful, or even gruesome.

That's the joy of being a writer. It can be anything we set our mind to.

What about you? What do you like to write? And how do you get started?

I'd love to hear all about it! Comment below and let me know.

Bye for now!

Lots of love,

Teri L. Palmer

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